Resume Andrew Westling – Software Engineer
Andrew WestlingSoftware Engineer

Seasoned web engineer, with a background in design and architecture. Specialty in crafting resilient web applications, with a particular emphasis on design systems and both front-end and full-stack features. Skilled with TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind, and more. Dedicated to optimizing processes for scalability and fostering effective teamwork and communication.

👔 Experience

Senior UI EngineerDroit · New York City

Design system and user interface development. Droit builds tools for decision-making and global regulatory compliance for financial institutions.

Senior Software EngineerForte · remote (New York City)

Feature development, setting up tools and culture. First engineering hire. Forte is a purpose-built music education platform for teachers and students.

  • From scratch: set up Forte's Next.js application from the ground up; chose tools and workflows to enable quick iteration; established a component library for consistent user experience

  • Built features: built the first iteration of various customer-facing features for Forte's marketplace: Teacher Profiles; Certified Institutions; Invitations and Sign Up; Teacher Ratings and Reviews; "Switch Role" functionality; etc.

  • UX/Product Architecture: informed the UX, product flow, and overall architecture of a multi-role marketplace application

Senior Front End EngineerMonograph · remote (New York City)

Design system and feature development for Monograph's applications. Monograph makes tools to help architecture firms manage their projects, budgets, and tasks.

  • Design systems: built components for Monograph's component library; wrote documentation and set up workflows between Figma and the codebase

  • Features: built customer-facing features: Team Directory; filter functionality for Monograph Resource; Settings UI; "Consultants" feature; etc.

  • "Glue" work; a lot of hard-to-quantify things like process documentation, choosing tools, configuration, code reviews, data migration scripts, customer support collaboration, bug triaging, etc.

Software · New York City

Design system and feature development for Better's loan origination platform. is a mortgage lender.

  • Design systems: established Better's Design Systems team; built libraries to empower engineering teams to build consistent and clean UIs

  • Features: built assorted borrower-facing features: Redisclosure Service; "Required Assets and Buffer" logic; Authentication/Session Expiration; UX for uploading a competitor's Loan Estimate; Loan Overview page; etc.

  • Integrations: extended integrations with sales and marketing tools (call scheduling, A/B testing, etc.)

Software EngineerArchitizer · New York City

Full-stack and front end feature development and infrastructure maintenance for Architizer’s platform to help architects find products for buildings.

  • Component libraries: established and maintained a UI component system to speed up feature development, and improve collaboration with designers

  • Features: built internal- and external-facing features: a private messaging interface; directory interfaces to Solr search indexes; etc.

  • Integrations: extended integrations with external tools for analytics, error logging, marketing, and customer support

Software EngineerEyeCue Lab · Portland, Oregon

Internship-to-hire. Consultancy/agency setting. Built marketing pages and full-stack features for web applications and client projects.

AppleCare AdvisorApple · remote (Eugene, Oregon)

Technical phone support and customer service for macOS products while completing degree.

🔧 Tools

TypeScript, JavaScript, Rails, Django, Vercel, Heroku, AWS, CircleCI, GitHub, Docker, Segment, Linear, Figma, Visual Studio Code

React, JSX/TSX, Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo, Prisma, Jest, Node.js

Tailwind, Flowbite, Ladle, Storybook, Stitches, Radix, styled-components, Theme UI, MDX, SCSS, Tachyons, HTML/CSS

🎓 Education

B.Arch, Architecture

University of Oregon

Code school

Updated December 2023