👋 Hi, I'm Andrew M Westling, a software engineer in Brooklyn, NY.

I'm a designer-turned-engineer. I was going to be an architect, but then I got distracted by the web.

These days, I build web apps. My favorite things to work on are design systems, and front end features for TypeScript and JavaScript applications. I'm handy with the usual infrastructure and build tools.


Monograph, Senior Front End Engineer

April 2021 — present, remote

Design system and feature development for Monograph's applications. Monograph makes tools to help architecture firms manage their projects, budgets, and tasks.

Better.com, Software Engineer

July 2018 — April 2021, New York City

Design system and feature development for Better's loan origination platform. Better.com is a mortgage lender.

  • Founding member of Better's Design Systems team; built libraries to empower our engineering teams to build consistent and clean UIs (React, TypeScript, Theme UI, Storybook)
  • Built assorted borrower-facing features (redisclosure service; "required assets and buffer" logic; authentication/session expiration; UX for uploading a competitor's loan estimate; loan overview page; etc.) (Ember, SCSS)
  • Built integrations with sales and marketing tools (call scheduling, A/B testing, etc.) (Ember, Optimizely, Segment)

Architizer, Software Engineer

September 2015 — June 2018, New York City

Full-stack and front end feature development and infrastructure maintenance for Architizer’s platform to help architects find building products.

  • Established and maintained a UI component system to speed up feature development, and improve collaboration with designers (React, Next.js, Storybook, styled-components, SCSS)
  • Built large features, including a private messaging interface, and directory interfaces to Solr search indexes (AngularJS, SCSS, Django, Solr, Haystack)
  • Extended integrations with external tools for analytics, error logging, marketing, and customer support (Segment)
  • Optimized frontend infrastructure to speed up deployment and improve test coverage (Node.js, CircleCI, AWS, Docker, gulp)
  • Cleaned up infrastructure, pruned AWS resources to reduce costs, and refactored stale application code

EyeCue Lab, Software Engineer

October 2014 — August 2015, Portland, Oregon

Internship-to-hire. Consultancy/agency setting. Built marketing pages and full-stack features for web applications and client projects.


July 2014 — October 2014, Portland, Oregon

Code school. Learned Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and other tools. Attained internship-to-hire with EyeCue Lab after Epicodus

Apple, AppleCare Advisor

June 2013 — May 2014, remote

Tier I technical phone support and customer service for macOS products while completing my degree.

Tools I use

JS/TS: TypeScript, React, Next.js, Ember.js, Node.js, AngularJS, GraphQL, webpack

UI: Storybook, Theme UI, styled-components, MDX, SCSS, Foundation, Bootstrap, Tachyons

Testing: Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Selenium

General: Django, Docker, nginx, Solr, AWS, Segment, CircleCI, Heroku, Rails


Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), University of Oregon, 2014

Last updated: 2021-04-12